Winmate learning services:
Accelerate user adaptation of new solutions with customized training

Winmate industry academy equips our customers with the skills required to use our products effectively. Given our product's vast array of functions and features, employees training is recommended to get the most out of our solutions. The Winmate Industry Academy is our service to help your employees to achieve the best possible results with our products.

Cloud Hosting Features

Cut the new trainee duration of learning

Cut the new trainee duration of learning

The learning service helps educate new staff to perform the job better. With Industry certification, custom learning, and subscription services readily available across Winmate products and solutions. It promotes faster end-user adaptation.
Swiftly deliver staff members competency

Swiftly deliver staff members competency

Whether in-seasonal employees or even higher turnover workers, the longer it teaches the group, the more business opportunities are wasted. Customized learning paths guarantee that the final user swiftly finds new ideas, which benefits all of them.
Keep track and optimize customer experience

Keep track and optimize customer experience

Knowing operations know-how allows companies to track consumer instruction and credentials using a committed Learning Management System. Thus customized the learning location and courses.

Market-specific training

Winmate learning services supplies instruction exclusively tailored to your market's direction to aid your individuals in fostering and utilizing brand-new innovation to the greatest.

Solution List Product Offerings
Automotive Technology
(Vehicle Diagnostic)
Enterprise Mobility:
  1. Rugged Handheld Computers
  2. Windows Rugged Tablet
  3. Android Rugged Tablet
  4. Ultra Rugged Tablet
IloT and Automation
  1. Industrial Panel PC & HMI
  2. Embedded Computing (Gateway can bundle with SW which supports 80-90% PLC drivers on the market)
Healthcare Healthcare Grade Products:
  1. Healthcare Rugged Handheld Computers
  2. Healthcare Rugged Tablet
  3. Healthcare Rugged Display
Food and Chemical Industry Stainless Series:
  1. Stainless Resistive Series Panel PC (IP65/ IP67)
  2. Stainless PCAP B Series Panel PC With Push Button (IP65)
  3. Stainless Flat PCAP Series Panel PC (IP65/ IP69K)
  1. Vehicle-mounted computer (support wide range power input 9-36V)
  2. Rugged tablet with vehicle gateway (Windows/ Android)
Heavy Duty Vehicle-mounted computer (support wide range power input 10-60V)
  1. Marine Panel PC, Gateway, Display (Maritime applications)
  2. Vehicle-mounted computer (only for port management)
Defence Defence Grade Products:
  1. Defence Rugged Handheld Computers
  2. Defence Rugged Tablet
  3. Defence Panel PC
  4. Defence Display
  5. Defence Server
Aviation Focus on the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), Line Aviation Maintance, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), Rugged Tablet:
  1. Windows Rugged Tablet
  2. Android Rugged Tablet
Cold Chain
  1. Vehicle-mounted computer (FM product Family)
  2. Rugged tablet with vehicle gateway (Windows/ Android)
  3. Rugged Handheld Computers

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